Our philosophy at That Veggie Life is that any efforts toward a plant-based lifestyle deserve to be be commended and encouraged, because they all serve to lessen unnecessary suffering.  At the same time, we see animals as the feeling, individual beings they are, and believe they ultimately deserve nothing less from humanity than to be free from exploitation.  Most of us were raised thinking that meat, milk, and eggs are necessary for health and nutrition, yet research continues to show us this is incorrect.

Our intent is to provide science-based and philosophical articles and blog posts, along with delicious recipes, to help guide people out of the haze of the Standard American Diet.  Vegan food is amazingly delicious, varied, and nourishing.  Deciding not to participate in the unnecessary suffering of animals is a powerful way to live your values of peacefulness and nonviolence, as well as to care for your health and the health of our planet.  It’s easier than you think!


10869496_10203431712656046_3512803435042050379_o Katye holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Philosophy and Religion, along with a minor in Anthropology.  She is a program management professional at a technology company and a certified yoga instructor, as well as blogger at www.thatyogalife.org. Katye became vegetarian at age 12 and went vegan in August 2015.
847ea4c4 Erica holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and enjoys her career marketing for a fintech company on the west coast. Outside of work, she spends her time volunteering on the digital marketing team for a local animal shelter (Animal Aid, Inc.), hiking, attending concerts, baking and eating. She gave up dairy and eggs in 2012 due to related health problems, and became vegan in August 2015 due to personal ethics.

Katye and Erica are cousins by marriage, but lifestyle soul mates! We feel so fortunate to be friends and family.


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